The Roller Coaster

This is life

Im in love with you, Im in love with the blue in the sky, in love with the messages the universe sends me in the shape of clouds.

I see the butterflies dancing with and for me, the flowers screaming their message of joy at my face.

I feel the wind caressing my arms, wrapping me in an invisible hug …I feel the love.

I laugh at the repetitive jokes told by the birds that fly by.

I feel the rhythm of the earth dictate my heartbeat, I understand the message of abundance from the rain that brings life to the ground.


I feel as I sink to the ground, I watch myself spiral down into what seems like and endless black hole.

Never learned to hold on, I hold too tight and have to let go.

I feel my heart go numb.  I’ve lost faith and now I can only hope.

I wonder what’s the point of getting up as I escape into my imaginary paradise but that doesn’t feel as good either. Am I jaded?

I open my box of joy and desperately seek for the feeling of endless love and satisfaction but nothing seems to work.

Now I can’t hear myself think because these voices in my head keep telling me fright stories of everything that can go wrong and how Im at fault.

Now the same butterfly that gave me joy blocks the light from my sight.


Why can’t I always stay up high?  Why did I climb the mountain to fall hard and dry?

I cry in pain, pain Im not sure is even mine and as I create this rain of  dreadful thoughts I finally let go. GO.



I feel light, light enough to float back to the surface of the ocean, the ocean of those painful tears and dreadful thoughts.

Now Im back at the top, higher than I’ve ever been, I almost fear the fall but Im too busy letting the sun kiss every particle of my being.

I feel ecstatic, is this life smiling at me? Is the universe sending me its love through your smile?
I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy, I feel butterflies dancing inside of me, helping me float higher so I can visit the moon.

The moon tells me: “This is your roller coaster, you’re at the top now, enjoy and savor every single bit so that you can tell everyone waiting at the bottom about this when you go back down. Its the river what brought you up, have fun creating it when you rise back up .”

“You don’t need light when you are in the dark because there is love & light in all places. Open up enough to feel with your heart when you can’t see with your eyes”






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