Ecstatic Love

 What loved has inspired…

One by one cell by cell

Warm, warmer, hot ….wet


Tingling, vibrating

Faster, stronger

I can’t even tell where I end and you begin

Sweet, bitter, tender at once  

Pain, delight, release & relief at once  

Bliss, sadness, hate and love at once  



It’s all the same, its all love pretending to be separate and different to make it fun, to tease like a cat who wants touch but wants to be sought.

I climb up the silky stairs of infinite light and get pulled inside a vortex


I become a particle of light and I am no longer “I”

Flashes of light, all colors, shapes and forms, faster, faster, FASTER

I am with all, all is with me  

EXPLOSION …. and all is suspended in space and time, is there space and time here? What IS here?

Is this flying or floating?

Screams, laughs and cries at once but there is no sound

I hear a song but I do not hear with ears


I remember, I remember you … I remember me, suddenly  how and when slips my mind, as if blown by the wind

Fractions of seconds that felt like years

And I realize I just came back into my body .. Did I leave my body?  WAIT I want to know where I was ?!!!

I met a part of me that is always eager to meet, always eager to pretend like it’s the first time I reach…


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