E = mc 2 = God

Maxwell Loughan,  13 year old physicist, inventor and entrepreneur provides updated definition and description of what many call “God”

Max explains that he does not believe God is a person sitting in an alternate realm that controls everything as many people imagine and tend to believe.

He suggests that the bible may be a story of how the universe began rather than a narrative of events that took place on earth. It describes in depth many quantum physics and astrophysics experiments and now proven theories.

He also suggests that without taking what is written in the bible into a literal sense we can say that God is energy form that created all that is, that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.“God is energy that created us, lives within us, moves through us and is us” says Max. He claims that this all sounds like it describes how it all began but that it could all also be a coincidence.  


He shared his thoughts on ancient philosophers  possibly being quantum physicists ahead of their time and may have had to simplify intense quantum physics to something that a 5 year old could understand considering the current education levels 1000 years ago and that could have resulted in the bible.

He by no means intends to offend any modern day believers, these are all theories and no facts and again, could also be pure coincidence. His grandmother is very religious he shares.

Here’s the video of the full interview with Richard Greene.  

We can thank and support him for inventing a Tesla inspired free energy device with a budget of under $15

What are your thoughts? Does any of this resonate with you or is it just plane crazy? Let me know in your comments!


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